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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Long time

I hated to blog over my last post....we all miss Jeff so much.

I'm on a new found kick for my mountain bike over last years road bike embrace.  Dunno why...maybe riding an MTB is just more fun and filled with less "tools".

I've been in a mechanic slot now for about 4 months with some pretty cool people not from around here and pretty psyched about riding the local trails so I've made a decision to ride more single track and less road.  Lately, I've been getting my ass handed to me (more than normal) but it's good, hard riding and that's what I need to keep my mind right.  I'm also back on a single speed.

One of the guys I work with...he and I have a pretty similar viewpoint on a few things cycling so it's always good to throw a leg over our bikes, ride, get thrashed pretty hard and end up drinking a few and telling stories.  A couple of the things we've been talking about lately is the downward spiral, IMHO, of cycling in general and PRO racing in particular.  With all the earpieces, SRM's and the Lance Armstrong phenomena of  putting all your eggs in one basket called the "Tour"...it just seems like bike racing become pretty boring as of late..like the last 10 years of late.

We're both pretty sick of the surgical dispatching, almost to the kilometer, of any and all breakaways by teams that are instructed to go to the front and chase down the escapees.  All this to set up yet another bunch sprint where the guy whose supposed to win wins.  I just think it's bad for the sport, the riders and the spectators.

On another note, I've been pretty happy about my new digs and my ongoing relationship with my daughters.  I couldn't have one without the other so I just need to keep my nose to the grindstone to afford my place.  I've pretty much figured out that, besides work, I have room for one other thing than seeing my girls...that right now is riding my MTB.

OK..that's it for now.

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