"Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face." — Mike Tyson

Friday, June 17, 2011

An open letter to my friend

I have a friend who's pretty sick.  It sucks watching him go in and out of this pain cave made for him by cancer.  He's use to the pain cave....he's a baller for sure.  But this is a horse of a different color....not self induced.

We all know he's sick but not really how sick.  We really don't wanna talk about that....too scary...too close.    He's such a great guy and, I for one, am torn on whether it's better to see him get crushed by the treatment for another year...month....week....or for him to sit back and try to take it all in one last time.  I've seen what the treatment can do...on him...on my mother.  It's ugly.  It's necessary for hope.  It's necessary so he can try to last a bit longer...maybe this time will work.  If he goes through it just one more time, I'll see my friend kick this demon.

He's not one to give up.

It's hard for me to get my brain around the possibility that I may not see him in the near future.  This demon is insidious...unrelenting....evil.  I want him around for a long time.  I want all the Pro's to put down what they're doing for everyone else and work on his case...only his.  Fix him for me.  Fix him for his friends.  Fix him for his wife and son.  Fix him so he can ride again....live his life...raise his son...love his wife.  I know it's not possible but I'd really like it to be so.

I'm not really sure where this is going...I just needed to get it down on "paper", as it were...  I guess I just want my friend to know that he's not letting us all down by not crushing this demon.  We love him regardless and want him to know that any of us would take a part, if not all, of his pain so he could be well again.  I don't want to see him suffer....not this way at least.  I want my friend to know that I will be there to help him or his family in any way.  He needs to know that he and his family are loved by an enormous group of people.  He needs to know not to be afraid....that everything will be ok.

Be well, my friend.  Keep your chin up.  You are hard as nails.


  1. Nice letter newbrie...made me cry.

  2. Words by Ray LaMontagne (cuz mine falter):
    Now I remember all too well just how it feels to all alone
    You feel like you'd give anything for a little place to call your own
    That's when you need someone
    Someone that you can call
    And when all your faith is gone, feels like you can't go on
    Let it be me
    If it's a friend you need
    Let it be me