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Monday, April 4, 2011

They're all for sale....

Well folks, here goes.

I'm selling my beloved Bianchi for the right price.  I acquired this bike from my buddy Tony Pereira when he was moving to Portland a number of years back.  It was outfitted with a Shimano fixed setup.....he got a King HS and I got the bike.  Gave him all the parts back and put all my old Campy SR stuff on it.  I'm unsure of the model and year but I'm guessing it's mid-80's vintage.  C-C seat tube is 51 cm, C-C tob tube is 52.5cm.

She's lived a couple of lives prior to what you see in the photos but she's all road now.

There's a lot of Campagnolo...albeit old Campy...on the bike.  Brake set, shifter levers, front and rear der are Campy SR.  Cranks (170's) are from a Chorus 10 spd group.  Wheels are hand built, Mavic Open Pro 32H's with Superbe Pro hubs.  TTT stem (120 mm), Salsa bars (42 cm), Tektro levers  Chainrings on the bike are 51/39 (i got a 51 back in '91, I guess was riding compact before compact existed).  I have a 53 and 42....so there are a couple of combinations.  Freewheel is 13-25, 7 spd.

I'm selling her because I wanna fund the purchase (read: throw more money in the toilet) of a new road bike.  Not that much more modern, but I'd like to leap into the 90's.  It's on Ebay right now at:

If I get a decent offer, I'd consider ending the auction early.  So, think it over and let me know.  I have more photos if anyone is interested.  Email me at jusridnround@gmail.com with any questions.

Ciao, Mike

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